Our key script.
Colossians 3:23

The organizing committee of pensa uewk is a lovely and wonderful family fully dedicated to service and prayer. We are called the owners of the church and are made up of both ladies and gentlemen who work tirelessly and selflessly to promote the kingdom.
The committee comprises of three sectors namely the ORGANIZING TEAM, TECHNICAL TEAM AND PROTOCOL TEAM.
The organizing team or the central team see to the arrangement of chairs and mounting of canopies and platform/ stages for service and programs.
The technical team is responsible for providing the most audible and quality sound in the church.
Whiles the Protocol team as their name implies are to you warmly offer a smile of welcome and usher you to a comfortable seat. They are the key people who gives you the palace decorations for interior and exterior service and programs.

We are the only committee refreshed after service everyday by the backing of the welfare chairman. Our doors are open for anyone who is willing to work with us and for God.