His Majesty’s Praise Incorporated (HMPI) is the resident choir group of PENSA UEW-K. In general, HMPI is the music wing of the Literary Society of PENSA(LSP), UEW-K.
HMPI has among her many functions, the following;

  • in charge of congregational praise and worship at PENSA meetings
  • responsible for the teaching of annual theme songs of the Church of Pentecost to PENSA members
  • serve as ambassadors of PENSA, UEW-K to functions of sister denominations and other group on campus and off campus as well
  • fishing out, grooming and grounding musically gifted PENSA members into the ministry
  • organizing relevant and ministry related seminars and courses for members,

As well as The Literary Society enriches the activities of PENSA with powerful ministration from the Spoken Word team, the Drama team , the choreography team no excluding the likes of Rap and comedy.
Our Aim is To Minister to an Impact in this very generation starting from the campus level and beyond.


  • Akwaaba Night of Joy:
    This programme is organized in the first semester of every academic year to welcome freshmen and women to campus and virtually baptize them into godly campus living.
  • Redemption Celebration (RC):
    RC is a total gospel concert organized to celebrate Jesus for the redemption He’s won for us on Calvary’s cross. It held around Easter season to commensurate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ