The core mandate of propagating the gospel to all nations has not been neglected as a church and in relation to that PENSA UEWK has a branch called the evangelism sector that functions to meet this grandiose commission.

On-campus evangelism, rural outreaches and personal evangelism are all held to help spread the good news. Members show great zeal when they are called to service. The lives of Elder Eric Amoako, Jonathan Y Maware, Richard Ganu, deacon Gyau Michael, Evans Quaicoe and other faithful and spirit filled leaders has helped bring the evangelism ministry this far. Over thousand souls have been won over the years and many have rededicated their lives as a result of the activities of the evangelism sector. Members during the rural outreaches donate clothing and other resources to meet this need and socialization has been projected to the peek.


The evangelism sector of PENSA UEW-K comprises of the evangelism secretary, deputy evangelism secretary and appointed committee members who serves as principal front liners in the activities within the sector. It is however, not encircled to only these people but the entire church to help ameliorate their acts. 


The evangelism sector holds two major activities within every year of review. The two major activities are the on-campus evangelism and rural evangelism.

On-campus evangelism: This spiritual activity is held every first semester of the academic year. The day scheduling is dependent on the academic calendar and the chaplaincy board. This normally commence on the Monday and ends on the Wednesday of that very week. The Monday is used to create awareness through an open float on campus and around the vicinity. Members on this day put on PENSA related costumes and with the help of a musical band songs and instrumentalization are highly pitched to draw the attention of all. Gospel tracts are shared and one on one evangelism is chipped in as the float is “fire branded”.



On Tuesday, members stand in the gap as evangelists and propagate the gospel in lecture halls, and other study rooms. At the expense of all challenges, members sacrifice time and other resources to make Christ known.

Finally, on the last day, which is the Wednesday the gallant martyrs of Christ visit all the halls, hostels and various homes to share the good news. Street evangelism and one on one evangelism is also employed to enhance the spread of the good news.

Souls won after the three-day programme are invited to service, baptized and incessantly checked-up on.

Rural evangelism: This is a gargantuan activity of PENSA that entice and compel more of the members to fully participate. This activity involves visiting rural areas to preach the word of God to fellow loved ones. PENSA UEW-K places no charges for this activity and as a result, members are given free accommodation, transportation and other basic needs. Items such as dresses, shoes, sandals, bags and other clothing are collected from members to be distributed to the needy and orphans.

This is a four-day programme which involves house to house evangelism, open rallies, church services, dawn broadcasting, school evangelism, video shows donation of bibles and others. Members also get the opportunity to socialize with others and learn from each other.