Great men walked the earth

Indeed! Great men walked the earth


Just to mention a few: Apostles Walker, Denkyi, A.T.Nartey and Anim.

Not forgetting Rev. Mckneown, Dr.Wyatt,Aps.Painstil and Aps.Apau-Asante

They raised the dead, healed the sick, cleansed the lepers and taught the word with much boldness.

Do you know what? It is good we refer to the chronicles of the church

But it is our time to make the difference.

The world is in desperation, nations are in separation, lives are in truncation.

There is much transformation

There is low impartation as a result of low participation in this world of dissipation.

It is high time we flung beauty and eloquence away.

We must cause redemption in the nations at different dimensions.

We must rise up and cause the change.


Written by Emmanuel Kwasi Agyepong

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  1. Derek Pratt

    Wow, blessed

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